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Overdrive is for Voluntown residents and is free with your library card.

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Gutenberg Books

Free E-books whose copyrights have expired.

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Links to major sources of free, downloadable e-Books.




Online Magazines and Student Sites




Homework Helper and Test Preparation

Test prep, learning guides, study tools and things for teachers as well.

Internet Public Library

Subject directory of authoritative websites, online texts, newspapers and magazines for kids, teens and adults.

Federal Student Aid

See what tools guidance couselors work with to aid students seeking financial assistance for college or other post-high school education

Mother Earth News: on-line magazine

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 Other Useful Sites




Transparency International

Global organization reporting on the fight against corruption

WPA Architectural Survey- Census of Old Buildings in Connecticut

From 1934 to 1942, a small group of people began visiting every town in Connecticut to survey its “old buildings”. They gathered information about the buildings, and often took photographs. The majority are houses, but some schools, churches, factories, and libraries are included.